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    "The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of each individual's home" - Confucius
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    Escape from the routine!
    Take a walk in the HERASTRAU park, or go for a boat tour on the lake....
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    Relax and keep fit!
    You can unwind at the SPA and Gym suitably located at the ground floor of your home.
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    The Cortina Residence facade is produced by Agrob Buchtal
    and it is unique in Romania!
    The titanium dioxide that is applied on the facade is a photocatalyst which is added to the
    surface of the ceramic tiles during the baking process and thus it enhances them with the following properties:
    Under the influence of light, the titanium dioxide treated ceramic tiles produce active oxygen, which by oxidation destroys bacteria and viruses,
    microorganisms’ germs, moss, and it also breaks down pollutants and eliminates odors in the apartments.
    This mechanism is similar to photosynthesis; 1,000sqm of titanium dioxide treated ceramic equals the air purification power of 70 trees.
    Cortina Residence has 12,000 square meters of facade produced with this very technology:
    astfel incat the active oxygen it produces is equivalent to that given off by a 2 acre park.

About us

Cortina Residence offers quality above everything.

Westwood Arhitecture

Arhitect - Westfourth

Pop & Asociatii

Design of the structure - Pop & Asociatii

Grup Consal

Constructor - Grup Consal

Cortina Residence

Cortina residence

Cortina Residence is a residential compound located in the Northern part of Bucharest, in district 1; it is situated close to Herastrau Park, and it also offers easy access to Bucuresti Ploiesti highway / the city belt / Otopeni Airport or to the city center, by means of Nicolae G. Caramfil Street,  Barbu Vacarescu Street,  Floreasca Street or Aviatorilor Boulevard.

We take pride in the architecture of our building, laid out by the famous company WESTFOURTH, in the design structure drawn ​​by POP & ASOCIATII but also in construction developed by CONSAL EDILITARE.

The 64,000 m2 built area, comprising 270 apartments and 426 parking spaces, making Cortina Residence, the largest residential project to be delivered in the 1st District of Bucharest.


Satisfied families


Years experience


Completed projects


Cortina Residence is located on 83 Horia Macelariu steet, sector 1, Bucharest

"Cortina Residence" is located in district 1, at 83 Horia Macelariu Street, at 400m from Herastrau Park.It can be accessed from Aerogarii Boulevard, a road which can lead to Bucuresti Ploiesti highway / the city belt / Otopeni airport or to the city center, linking with Nicolae G. Caramfil Street, Barbu Vacarescu Street, Floreasca Street or Aviatorilor Boulevard.

„Cortina Residence” provides easy access to various shops and shopping centers (Baneasa Mall, Promenada Mall, Ikea, Carrefour Feeria, Mega Image); kindergartens, schools, hospitals and medical centers, gas stations, restaurants, bus and tram stations are also fittingly located close by Cortina Residence.

200m up to the nearest gas station

400m to Herastrau Park

500m has perimeter where there are two educational units

1km to Bucuresti-Ploiesti road

1,5km to Promenada Mall

1,5km has perimeter where there are 3 hospitals and other medical centers

2,5km to Baneasa Mall / Ikea / Carrefour Feeria

5km to Baneasa ZOO

9 km to Henry Coanda Airport


400m to Herastrau Park


1km to Bucuresti-Ploiesti road


1,5km to Promenada Mall


Ventilated Ecological Facade


The only residential building built Using class B700 concrete


400m away from Herastrau Park


The facade Cortina Residence is unique in Romania.

Cortina Residence was built in such a way as to provide to all new residents safe and comfortable conditions in their home.

Concrete resistant to high seismic risk, POROTHERM insulation, facade produced with the latest technology, designed specifically for decomposition of pollutants and destroy bacteria, centralized air conditioning for summer and mixed type heat in cold days are enough reasons for our offer to be worth taking into account. For us, people from Cortina Residence, our clients' needs are on the first place.

The concrete

Poza beton B700

The concrete used at Cortina Residence is B600 and B700 which ensures increased compressive strength at a high seismic risk class...

The iron

Poza fier beton PC52

The iron used at „Cortina Residence” is PC52 = steel with periodic profile (P) hot rolled (C). This type of concrete...

The brick

Poza caramida porotherm

The Bricks used at Cortina Residence is porotherm technology made by Wienerberger. The complete POROTHERM system...

Ventilated facade

Poza fatada ventilata

The Cortina Residence Facade is produced by Agrob Buchtal and it is unique in Romania! The titanium dioxide that is applied on the facade...

Window frames

Poza tamplarie SCHUCO

External frames are made from SCHUCO aluminum, 70 mm thick, and the windows include Low E and 4 Seasons technology systems...


Poza lift elegant

2 elevators can be found on each block of flats; the reliability and the speed, together with the elegance of the cabins give you all the comfort...

Aerul conditionat

Poza aer conditionat

Aerul conditionat atat de necesar in zilele toride de vara, este inclus in dotarile apartamentelor Cortina Residence. El este de tip centralizat...


Poza incalzire

Incalzirea apartamentelor noastre este asigurata de 2 centrale termice marca Viessmann. Incalzirea este de tip mixt, se face atat prin ventiloconvectoare cat si...

We take pride in the quality of our building and finishes and we make every effort to ensure you benefit from the best quality-price ratio.

- Cortina Residence -


Finishes used on Cortina Residence are of the highest quality.

When we considered Cortina Residence project, we thought the quality and design on that a home should have. Finishing apartments are in the highest standards.

Bathrooms tiles come from Porcelanosa, a brand renowned among architects and interior designers, flooring Multilayer provided by Kahrs, the European leader wooden floors, doors with hidden heel Filomuro are designed to meet the highest demands, Jaga radiators which have an optimized consumption and innovative design, the bathrooms are designed according to the latest trends in design and utility.


Porcelanosa Tile


Triple-layered flooring


Centralized AC


Cortina Residence apartments features a modern design..

Pentru ca fiecare familie are propriile nevoi in materie de compartimentare cat mai eficienta a spatiului de locuit, Cortina Residence iti propune cele mai diverse solutii.

Astfel, suprafetele apartamentelor, fie ca este garsoniera, de doua, trei sau patru camera, iti oferim oportunitatea de a alege dintr-o selectie de apartamente, concepute in concordanta cu diferite stiluri de viata.

83 Horia Macelariu street, sector 1, Bucharest.

0724.021.034, 0723.002.133, 0731.855.677



Formular contact:

Means of transportation:

  • Tram:
    • 5 (line connecting Sf. Gheorghe Market from Baneasa Market)
  • Bus:
    • 112 (line connecting Pipera Road to Comuna Chitila)
    • 301 (line connecting Romana Mart to Jolie Ville Baneasa)
    • 261 (line connecting Expozitiei Avenue to Baneasa/ Ikea shopping complex)
    • 335 (line connecting Liviu Rebreanu street to Baneasa/ Ikea shopping complex)

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